Gender Discrimination Essay

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Gender discrimination Background of the issue Wa-mart’s gender discrimination problem towards its employees is quite well-known for ages. Wal-mart has a disturbing record on its treatment of women. Nowadays, there is an increase in attention on employee rights and employers are regulated by the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), which prevents them from undergoing any kinds of discriminative actions to its employees. The Anti-Discrimination Act (1977) prohibits unlawful sexual discrimination in certain situations and promotes equality of opportunity for all employees. The law forbids discrimination when it comes to any area of employment, including hiring, firing, pay, promotions, job assignments, layoff, training, benefits, and any other term or condition of employment. We figure out that there are 2 main types of gender discrimination problem in Wal-mart. Wal-Mart has engaged in widespread pay and promotion discrimination against female employees for years. Firstly, female workers often receive lower pay than the male. Secondly, female workers were treated unfairly in their positions as they got fewer promotion opportunities when compared to the male. In the following part, we are going to provide sound evidences to support our point of views. Supporting evidences Dukes v. Wal-Mart (June 2001) ‘Dukes v. Wal-Mart’ was a United States Supreme Court case. The federal district court in San Francisco certificated this case as a sex discrimination class action. In the case, a nationwide class of around 1.5 million female employees sued Wal-Mart because of its discriminative actions against women. The plaintiffs stated that they are continuously passed up for promotion and refuted equal job assignments, as a result they looker for damages for more than 700,000 current and former female employees. The plaintiffs’ representative lawyer alleged that women were

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