Gender Differences Essay

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Before reading Janet Shibley Hyde’s, “The Gender Similarities Hypothesis”, my opinion on gender differences was that men and women are different in many aspects of life. However, after reading the article, my opinion changed. I concluded that men and women aren’t all that different from each other after all. Hyde’s meta-analysis of studies on gender differences revealed that women and men are in fact similar on many, but not all psychological variables. Originally, it seemed to me that men and women were very different from each other for many reasons. I had always thought that women were smarter, more verbally aggressive and not as physically inclined as men in the work force. On the other hand, I believed that men were more confident, more sexual and more physically aggressive than women. Although some of these accusations are indeed true, some of them are not. For example, men are actually more verbally aggressive than women as well as physically aggressive. Also, women prefer more than men to be in a job that is in a physical work environment. As for the other opinions I held, some were correct and others were not. Women, although smarter in some subjects, are actually not that far off from the men. There were many other categories in the Major Meta-Analyses of Research that prove men and women are fairly similar as well. Certain variables that were an exception to my conclusion were aggressiveness, sexual needs and motor behaviors. The men seem to score higher in these areas than the women by a fairly significant amount. Within these categories, the only times that women exceeded the men were indirect aggression, sexual satisfaction and flexibility. All of the other sub-categories such as physical and verbal aggression, masturbation and all other motor behaviors were exceeded by the men. Out of all the other variables on the meta-analysis chart, these were the

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