Gender And Culture Essay

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Gender Norm Violation “Be a gentleman at all times” The reason why I chose to break this gender norm was out of pure curiosity. I always wonder about the reactions people will have towards this common expectation in society. For example: holding the door open for a woman, helping her to an automobile and taking charge of her bags to list a few. I believe that these norms create an expectation for all men to behave like gentlemen. What is a Gentleman? 1. Duties to countrymen: this contains virtues such as mercy, courage, valor, fairness, protection of the weak and the poor. This also brings with it the idea of being willing to give one’s life for another’s; whether he would be giving his life for a poor man or his lord. 2. Duties to God: this would contain being faithful, protecting the innocent, being the champion of good against evil, being generous and kind. 3. Duties to women: this is probably the most familiar aspect of a true gentleman. This would contain what is often called courtly love, the idea that the knight is to serve a lady, and after her all other ladies. Most especially in this category is a general gentleness and graciousness to all women. It is almost a definition of a gentleman to say he is one who NEVER inflicts pain of any sort, verbal or physical. This description is both refined and, as far as it goes, accurate. The true gentleman in like manner carefully avoids whatever may cause ajar or a jolt in the minds of those with whom he is cast; -- all clashing of opinion, or collision of feeling, all restraint, or suspicion, or gloom, or resentment; his great concern being to make every one at their case and at home. He has his eyes on all his company; he is tender towards the bashful, gentle towards the distant, and merciful towards the absurd; he can recollect to whom he is speaking; he guards against unseasonable

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