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Selecia Pugh Group 2 Presentation 3/25/2010 Gender Criticism Feminism became a dominant force in Western literary studies in the late 1970s while Namoi Schor estimated that around 1985 feminism gave way to the term “gender studies” (Schor275). 1. She chose that day because it marked the publication of Between Men, a book that articulates the insights of feminist criticism onto those of gay-male studies. 2. Today gay and lesbian criticism is so much a part of gender criticism that it be equivalent to “sexualities criticism”. Some would argue that feminist criticism is the definition of gender criticism. 3. Feminist, Simone de Beauvoir declared in 1949 that “one is not born a woman, she becomes one”. Simone was referring to how females of the female sex assume the feminine gender-gender meaning the restrictive, socially prescribed attitudes and behaviors that we associate with femininity. Not the same but similar….. 1. Feminist and gender criticism are not exactly the same, but also are not opposites. They exist along a line of attitudes towards sex and sexism, sexuality and gender, language and the literary canon. Distinctions of Difference…… 2. One distinction is based on focus- meaning the word “feminist” signifies the study of women and women’s issues. 3. Gender criticism is not woman centered but is focused solely on male and female sexes and the masculine and feminine genders. An example of that, would be critic Diane K. Lewis’s thought, on how black women may be more like white men in terms of familial and economic roles, like black men in terms of their relationships with whites, and like women in terms of their relationships with men. 4. To properly understand gender studies, we must realize that one purpose of gender criticism is to criticize gender as we commonly conceive of it, to expose its insufficiency and inadequacy.

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