Gender and Society

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1 BASIC CONCEPTS : SEX AND GENDER, MASCULINITY AND FEMININITY, PATRIARCHY Unit Structure : 1.0 1.1 1.2 Objectives Introduction Sex and Gender 1.2.1 Sex 1.2.2 Gender 1.2.3 Deconstructing Sex and Gender 1.3 Masculinity and Femininity Patriarchy Summary 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 1.8 Check your progress References Questions 1.0 OBJECTIVES : To study the concepts of sex and gender as used in feminist works. To understand the concepts of masculinity and femininity as analytical categories. To study the concept of patriarchy and male dominance in society. 1.1 INTRODUCTION : Concepts are terms used by social scientist as analytical categories to study society and social behaviour. Through the use of concepts social scientists develop categories that act as aids in the scientific investigation of behaviour in the society. In gender studies there are several such concepts that provide the framework in the study of behaviour. For example, the concept of gender was first developed by Iill Matthews in 1984 in her study of the construction of femininity. According to Mathews, the concept of gender gives recognition to the fact that every known society 2 distinguishes between women and men. Therefore the term / concept of gender is a systematic way of understanding men and women socially and the patterning of relationships between them. The concept of patriarchy help in the study of the male dominance in the society. The concept of gender helps to study the differences in behaviour between men and women and to analyse the basis of these differences as basically biological or as social constructions by the society. The concepts masculinity and femininity define certain trout‟s as typically male as so masculine in nature or as typically female and so feminine in nature. In this unit some basic concepts will be
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