Gender and Culture Essay

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Arguments that Gender does matter: 1. Acknowledging gender differences helps children learn more effectively. 2. Gender uniqueness and complementarity means that each gender has a unique contribution to work, society and interpersonal communication that cannot be filled by the other gender in its entirety. 3. Gender is important because if we have just one gender it will be abnormal. Arguments that Culture does matter: 1. Cultural characteristics include behavior’s and practices: clothing, dance, language, physical features, food, music, architecture, gestures, greetings, devotional practices and more. Invisible cultural factors include perceptions, attitudes, values and beliefs: spiritual beliefs, worldviews, rules of relationships, approach to the family, motivations, tolerance for change, attitudes to rules, communication styles, modes of thinking, comfort with risk, the difference between public and private, gender differences and more 2. Cultural competence requires you to be consciously aware of the ways in which the invisible cultural elements can influence your relationship with others and the workplace environment 3. Culture is a powerful influence on an individual’s responses to his or her environment. 4. If we don’t take the time to learn about our own and others’ cultures, we may view any behavior that is different from our own as negative, unusual or wrong. Arguments that Gender doesn’t matter: 1. Men and women are actually more similar to each other than different. 2. It doesn’t matter what a person’s gender is, what matter is a person respect other people, help one another, and love one another. 3. Gender doesn’t matter because gender build constrains. Gender is racism. Arguments that Culture doesn’t matter: 1. Using Culture explanation for success or failure economically, or for explaining particular political regimes, is extremely

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