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Growing up in my family as the oldest son, and having three younger brothers to look out for is a big deal to me. The expectation for me to succeed seems to be very high, and at the same time very stressful. Being the oldest and also being in college trying to pursue my career is a long and difficult process. The example that I set as the “big brother” will give the drive for my brothers to also put forth the effort to try to be successful but it will also not only make my mom and dad proud but my other extended family also. The gender I possess is not only being male and heterosexual, it is all the characteristics and traits I have acquired. From my childhood till now I just realized how my gender has played the role in shaping and forming me in who I am today. As a young boy I always remember being outside playing football, basketball, or riding four-wheelers with my cousins. I remember getting dirty, fishing, and just being wild. My parents taught me to be polite to women, always use my manners, and be respectful to my elders. My dad taught me to love sports and be a man when times get tough. My mom taught me to be kind and to never get into any trouble. When I finally reached an age to go to school I dreaded it. Before I started school I don’t ever remember having any kind of feelings toward girls, but my first day of kindergarten I really liked the girl I sat next to and since then, girls have always been what I have attracted to. All of my friends that I had when I was younger all basically shared the same ideas and the things we like to do such as, we all loved playing sports and we thought that girls had “coodies”. As I got older and made my way through elementary I notice changes such as what clothes I wore and how different I communicated with my friends and parents. When I finally reached my middle school and junior high years that’s when a lot of

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