Gender Essay

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Today lives are changing both for the genders. Since the beginning of time women’s where the ones who were being held to high standards of beauty or physical appearance. Women needed to look a certain way for the men to be considered attractive. Now we live in a generation where men are now being held and pressure to standards of beauty and physical appearance. Now men have a better understanding on how women have been pressure for years for their beauty and physical appearance. Men are now getting a taste of their own medicine and mistreatment. Men today are more concern about their appearances and body image. In today’s society men are now being pressure by women and media to look a certain way to be consider a man. As we know today the image of a man has change and has affect many men to believe they aren’t even consider a real man. Therefore several men are worry about their body shape and appearance. For example an article from the “Body image concerns more men than women, research finds” by Denis Campbell explains how men are more concern than woman about their body image and appearance. It claims how “80.7% talked about their own or others' appearance in ways that draw attention to weight, lack of hair or slim frame.” Therefore we have an understanding on how worried men are about the shape of body and their overall appearance. Perhaps men wouldn’t be as concern if women and the media would stop stating men with beer bellies; man boobs, bald, not muscular, and wrinkles to be considered unattractive. At this moment women just want their husband or boyfriend to have nice tone muscular body, with great hair, nice smile, and silk skin. The reason why women want their partners to have all these details because Hollywood and the media has advertise the image of what a real man should look like. That’s why certain women demand their husbands to

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