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The aim of this article is to show the ways in which war and armed conflict deny most African women their rights to human security. The authors try to analyze the impact, and the effects of armed conflict on women. The contradictory part is that women and girls suffer more in case of war yet they do not participate in these conflicts. I can say that this is ironical because when an armed conflict occurs in any part of Africa women are not involved in either decision making about the war yet they are the ones who suffer most with their children and the elderly in the community. This indeed is why women are involved in peacekeeping missions by joining organizations whose aim is to bring peace .I strongly support the author on the above point because like in Kenya during the post election violence most displaced persons were women and their children thus this tries to show how women suffer most when war breaks down. At some point the author says that men tend to suffer most in case of an armed conflict but I do disagree with this. Even though men are the ones who participate more in war they are the ones who are killed most but one the other hand the women left are the ones who are left mourning for their beloved ones, some are internally displaced while others tend to become refugees and settle in other countries as they are trying to save their lives thus I feel for women more than I do for men. Another effect on women on women during the armed conflict is that they tend to experience violence from many sides; this includes armed groups, peacekeeping forces, families, and police and also faces sexual violence. Many sexual violence’s and rape cases tend to be reported during armed conflicts. In Kenya many rape cases were reported the post election violence and surprisingly this was been done by police officers, the people who are supposed to keep peace are the ones

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