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Introduction Since the further development of women’s liberation movement in western countries in 1960s, the study of gender differences and languages has been a very important issue in all fields of the society. Some famous linguists began to study some unknown but amazing and even certain relationships exist between gender and language in terms of gender, for example, R1 Lakoff[1], P1 Trugill[2] and S1 Romaine[3] who had do a lot of further researches of gender differences in languages and speeches. They explored gender differences in pronunciation, intonation, vocabulary and discourse styles from the perspective of sociolinguistics, and they analyzed some reasons for the differences and their development. In recent years, research on language and gender has being more and more important in domestic linguistics circles and many papers on this research are published one by one. However, among many of these papers, few can analyze gender differences and their causes thoroughly and in detail. Therefore, this article attempts to explore the differences of vocabulary, syntax, discourse style and speech communication between female and male from the perspective of sociolinguistics and the reasons of these in order to make little contribution to further studies. 2. Gender differences in English Languages English has been carved with many features which can reflect gender differences in historical and social development as an old language and these gender differences have become important study focuses because exploring gender differences in language is not only the task on linguistic but also the inevitable requirement of social development[4]. Based on previous studies, we found gender differences in English languages are mainly reflected in the following four aspects: 2.1 Vocabulary Differences Vocabulary differences between female and male are common problems

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