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Page | Quote | 26 | Fear has robbed us of the power to act. | 27 | To our right they have started to shell the front lines. It is about half a mile away. We do not care. We are safe. | 28 | It is merely another day – a day on which you may die. | 34 | We have long since learnt that the word rest is another military term meaning something altogether different. | 39 | We have learned who our enemies are – the lice, some of our officers, and Death. | 43 | They take everything from us: our lives, our blood, our hearts; even our few lousy hours of rest, they take those, too. Our job is to give and theirs is to take... | 45 | Different sectors, different names of trenches, different trenches, but always the same trenches, the same yellow, infested earth,…show more content…
To hell with the glory. | 83 | Why the hell should they want the war to end? They got lots of damn fools like us who’ll enlist, and when they stop enlisting they’ll drag ‘em in. | 95 | Who can comfort whom in war? Who can care for us, we who are set loose at each and tear at each other’s entrails with silent gleaming bayonets? | 99 | I do not think things now; I feel them. | 104 | I guess it is because we do not want to die – because we hang on so pitifully to life as it slips away. Our lives are stolen – taken from us unawares. | 108 | A song to forget the horror of the trenches! A song to forget our dead! A song to forget the unforgettable! | 112 | G-d, no. Generals die in bed. | 115 | I hesitate. One is not generous in war. | 132 | You silly boy. I thought you had really murdered someone. | 161 | We are becoming quite domesticated. | 171 | There’s two kinds of people in this world – there’s those that like wars and those that fight ‘em, pal. | 182 | They ought to call the goddamned thing a draw. | 189 | Our faces are as red as the poppies of which the war poets are writing back home. | 191 | An enemy like the Hun does not merit humane treatment in war.

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