Genaral Banking Activities Essay

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Letter of Transmittal Date: To Nazir Uddin Ahmed Assistant professor Department of Management, Govt. Rajendra College, Faridpur., Subject: Submission of Term Paper Dear Sir, I am very pleased to submit this term paper, which has been prepared for the requirement of the BBA course. I prepared this paper with pleasure and enthusiasm since this paper augmented our knowledge about the consumer perception of e-advertising. We have tried our level best to complete this report properly within all the constraints. I concentrated on areas that we believed would be the most relevant to make the report coherent as well as possible. It was a great pleasure for working on this report to learn some real life lessons and firsthand knowledge. We would be glad to furnish you with any clarifications, if required. Sincerely, Tania AKNOWLEDGEMENT In preparing the term paper on, “Marketing plan of for New product of Unilever Bangladesh Limited”, firstly I express my gratitude to my academic supervisor Nazir Uddin Ahmed & Bilal Hossain Sir, Hade of the department, govt. Rajendra college, Faridpur, without their kind direction and proper guidance this study would have been a failure. In every phase, from topic selection to data collection and data analysis, his supervision has shaped this research paper. I also want to thank my line manager at Unilever Bangladesh Limited, Mr. Ishtiaque Shahriar Shaanto, who provided me with all the necessary information that I required. I am also thankful to the other employees of Unilever Bangladesh Limited such as Nurul ISlam (Brand Executive) and Ankan Siddiquee (Assistant Activation Manager) who gave me their valuable time and enough information to successfully make this report. Executive Summary As known to all, Unilever Bangladesh Limited is one of the

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