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It’s Personal: Responsibility & Investment Even though college success can be influenced by the structure and mechanics of the institution, success in college is directly correlated to one's sense of personal responsibility. “Responsibility is the recognition of choice. Once the choice has been recognized, the next step is ownership, and the third step is the acceptance of the consequences of that choice (Chism, 2012).” A person’s successfulness in college or life is solely based on the amount of personal investment made to the task at hand. Before students can begin to mull around thoughts about taking on such an intimidating mission as college, they must first prepare themselves on a personal level. It is important for a student to embrace the challenges that come with college. A student must ensure that their mental, emotional and physical health are in good shape. By preparing their body, mind and soul for the stresses that come with beginning or returning to school, a student will have a better chance at getting a strong start and keeping the momentum all the way to completion. Owning one’s decisions and the consequences of those decisions is the first step to being personally responsible. Personal responsibility is built on accountability. When a student owns their decisions and accepts the consequences they are being accountable and accountability is a key to building personal responsibility. It is easy to look to others for direction or point blame at outside factors. If a student lets other factors such as another’s opinion or even the weather dictate how they move through life they will never be truly accountable enough to own their successes. It is important for a student to accept that they are “keepers” of their own destiny. Whether a student succeeds or not is hinged on whether or not they hold themselves accountable for

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