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Gen Nexters Essay

  • Submitted by: divah2719
  • on May 22, 2011
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It is in my understanding that Generation Next is a group of people born between 1981 and 1988 and ranges in age from 18-25. As the Pew Research center for people and the press stated in their article, “A portrait of “Generation Next”, the statistics in the article about the supposed, “Generation Next” and in comparison to what goes on and around the community is not that much of a difference.
Generation next, most of them, in my world do not concern about themselves, their education or having a bright future. What they mostly are concerned about are more minor things; like parties, going out with friends, drinking and smoking. For most of the Gen Nexters Education would be the last thing they would think about or worry about, but “fashion” is what most of them are really relying on.
With the Gen Nexters, the spiritual beliefs are lacking, they don’t think about going to church or even the “BILBE”. Most of the times when some of them are out of luck; they choose that time to count on God, which in my opinion is not appropriate. They would rather stay in bed watch television, or use their phones or even the laptops they put before God. As the Pew study stated, “They are more likely than adults to say these cyber-tools make it easier for them to make new friends and family. But more than eight in ten also acknowledge that these tools “make people lazier”. Gen Nexters I believe, believe in God and other spiritual findings and knowledge but with all the technology, they have no time for that, making them indolent.
The use of drugs has also been taken into consideration. Here in the world around me, Gen Nexters have seen drugs or dealing with drugs to be a way of life. They think that they would be making a sufficient fund of money by doing drugs and living the fast life, however, in some cases drugs can be used for medical purposes for example; in a hospital where patients are treated. Drugs are sometimes used, but in my community and the people around my...

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