Gen. Chemistry Experiment 14

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Experiment 14: Iodine Clock reaction Summary of principles: In this lab we will learn to measure the rate of a chemical reaction between persulfate ion and iodide ion. The order of the action will need to be determined in the order of the persulfate ion to the iodide ion. The method we will use is the Initial rate method. The activation of the reaction will be determined from the temperature dependence rates of the reaction. The lesson of the lab is to teach us about Chemical kinetics, speeds and arrangements of molecules in a reaction during the process it goes from reactants to products. The reaction rates can be determined by two different kinds of equation. The average rate and the instantaneous rate. One is calculated by a change in time, and the other is calculated by a rate at a particular time a reaction has begun. Equations and mechanisms: Rate=k[A]^x [B]^y Rate=k[I]^x [S2O8]^y Rate1 k[A]1^x [B]1^y Rate2 k[A]2^x [B]2^y Rate3 k[A]3 [B]3 K=Ae -Ea/RT activation energy 2I-(aq)+S208^2-(aq)------> I2(aq)+2SO4^2-(aq) I2(aq)+ 2S2O3^2-(aq)------>2I-(aq)+S4O6^2-(aq) Apparatus and supplies: stopwatch, constant water bath, stirring rod, 10x75mm test tubes (5), 1ml pipet, 2ml pipet Chemicals: 0.200 M KI, 0.100 M K2S2O8, 0.0005 Na2S2O3, 2% starch solution. 0.200 M KI 0.100 M K2S208 0.0005 Na2S203 2 percent starch solution. Procedure: -Obtain 5 test tubes. Label 3 tubes for three stock solutions and the other 2 numbers 1 and 2  Put 1.00ml of 0.200 MKI, 2.00ml of k2S2O8, 1.00ml of 0.005 M Na2S2O3 , 1.00ml of Deionized H20, in test tube 1.  Put 2.00ml 0.200 M KI, 2.00ml 0.100 M K2S2O8, 1.00ml of 0.005 M Na2S2O3 in test tube 2.  Put 2.00ml of 0.200 M KI, 1.00ml 0.100 M K2S2O8, 1.00ml of 0.005 M Na2S2O3, 1.00ml of

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