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Continuing Academic Success Mary Campbell Gen/201 October 20, 2014 Jennifer Smith CONTINUING ACADEMIC SUCCESS 1 In todays society most people find at some point in their lives and careers that it is necessary to go back to school. Whether it is for a career change or to advance in ones current career, it is a growing trend. Today more than ever the options available for this endeavor are numerous. Choices range from online classes, where there is no need to ever set foot in a physical classroom and still receive a high quality education, or the option to take a traditional approach and physically attend classes. Whatever path you choose many resources and learning tools are available for academic success. It is up to the individual to use and apply them. We each have our own unique set of circumstances to contend with when we make this decision. The most common one is family life. This is the challenge that I face. How do I follow my chosen career path of achieving a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration while being a full time wife and mother and continuing to be a productive full time employee? Choosing to attend college online was the best option for me. It allows me to attend classes and complete assignments when my schedule allows for it. The flexibility takes the pressure of a scheduled attendance time out of the equation and increases my opportunity for academic success. After thirty years of being out of school, it comes as no surprise that my learning styles have changed. Learning to identify ones strengths and weakness is sometimes an enlightening process and if acted upon makes one a better student. “Its 2 not

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