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The Benefits of Personal Responsibility in My College Success Gen200 July 30, 2012 Cora Anderson The Benefits of Personal Responsibility in My College Success Everyone has a dream as a child of what they wish to be when they grow up. Our dreams are not just have it handed to us the day we graduate from high school. We have to work hard, be committed, and have personal responsibility to accomplish the goals that makes these dreams a reality. My dream was to help people, particularly children and the path I have chosen is to become a Child Psychologist. To do this, I need get a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology, my academic goal. Even though it will take effort and planning, I need to be responsible in order to reach my academic goals by managing my resources and understand how important responsibility is to the success in getting my Bachelor’s of Science. Personal responsibility means I am solely accountable for my actions or lack of action concerning the duty and tasks necessary to achieve the goals in life. In regards to my academic goal to succeed in collage and receive my Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology, I must do everything I can to ensure my own success. Failure to be responsible at any stage could result in different repercussions such as a failed class, additional expenses or ultimate not getting my Bachelor’s degree. While attending grade school K-12, we slowly made a transition from the responsibility of our education mostly being on our parents or guardians and teachers to us taking full responsibility (Peterson, 2011). As a student in a Bachelor’s program, the majority of the responsibility falls completely on my own shoulders. According to a study done on nursing students given real responsibility in own education, the “responsibility bestows a sense of personal agency, which is empowering” e the students because their “own perceptions

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