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Success in Education Goals includes Personal Responsibility. Tammy Hudson GEN 200: Foundations for General Education Instructor Rolandrias Bradford May 1, 2014 Making the decision to return to school is a great life changing event. It is exciting and scary. Especially if like many adult student have numerous responsibilities that will no cease even though you have made a choice to return to school. Carriers, spouses, children and social obligation still take up the majority of time and effort. These outside forces will create obstacles that are very difficult to overcome while achieving educational goals. Taking personal responsibility is the key to success in higher education and achieving your educational goals. In a news article by Athens news in 2008, it explained the importance of personal responsibility. The article took a black and white view of personal responsibility and explained that society is better off when people take personal responsibility, This especially true when it comes to the decision to return to school. Remember you are the one in the driver's seat. The definition of personal responsibility in regard to education is personally to take accountability of choices made by you in your educational career. It means in my opinion that you are responsible for you success and failures. You need to understand you strengths and weaknesses and plan accordingly to apply yourself. As an adult student if you know you are not strong in a particular subject it should be a priority to obtain help. \ Personal responsibility and college success goes hand and hand. When you make the decision to return to school you accept the responsibility that comes along with that decision. The responsibility of completing assignments, studying and avoiding issues rest solely on your shoulders. The first step, when you decide to

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