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Personal Essay Nikolaus Herold COLL100 American Military University April Wick This essay is about my dreams and goals of obtaining my college degree. I have learned so much in the last few weeks about my learning style and how it helps achieve my goal. The GEMS survey has been very informative and useful on how I work and my learning styles. Everything is starting to come together on how I work and I am really starting to enjoy everything. There are so many reasons for why I am pursuing to complete my college degree. First, I feel that completing my college degree would not only benefit me but it would benefit my whole family. Secondly, a degree of this type in my career field would be so helpful and further my position, but also further me in the future. Also, I want to prove to everyone I am just the average Joe that I want to show that I can progress my education and well-being even though it is not mandatory. Lastly, I want my family and friends to know that no matter whom you are or what you do you can obtain a college degree no matter how full your plate is. You can do it as long as you put your mind to it. According to the Gilbert Education & Management System my learning preferences are a combination between flexibility and relationship orientated. The finding were at all no surprise to me. I really enjoy working with others and always try to make time to have the freedom to work. I have learned throughout the years that working with other people make the job so much easier, getting new ideas and a second pair of eyes on the subject. In my job it is imperative that I know how to work well with others and know how to manage my time to get the job done. Not even knowing that I have been doing that the whole time. My Grand Type according to the GEMS survey is “Flexibility”. The GEMS survey assessment essay described my traits as a flexible team

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