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GEMBA 510 C. W. Haley Autumn 2003 357 Mackenzie MW 8:30-9:30 TTH 8:30-11:30 543-7697 e-mail: chiph Financial Aspects of Global Strategy Text: R. Higgins, Analysis For Financial Management, 6th Ed. General Information: This series of classes deals with several problems in the financial aspects of global business strategy—planning the financing needed to implement business and corporate strategies, the analysis of investment opportunities both domestic and foreign, business valuation, managing currency risk, and other problems arising in cross-border transactions. The specific topics are shown with each daily assignment. The objectives are to provide the basic financial concepts needed by senior executives in a multinational firm and to provide some practice in assessing analyses prepared by others. The module is built around a series of case problems which are in the course packet. The case method is the ideal way to study the topics addressed here because existing theory has comparatively little of practical value to say about some of them. The best way to learn the material, therefore, is to examine practical problems to better understand the nature of the problems and to master the logic by which alternative policies can be evaluated. The classes build and rely on the finance courses taught earlier at Yonsei University. You may find the texts used in there useful in dealing with the problems here. The reading assignments in the text, the course packet, and handouts are intended to be helpful, but may not provide a “solution” to the problem or problems posed in the case. Daily class preparation is essential for obtaining the maximum benefit from this course. It is not expected that students have the "right" answer coming into class, but that everyone is prepared to participate in an informed class discussion. It is highly

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