Gelles Family Violence Analysis

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In my opinion, the theoretical perspective described in the articles by Gelles which I believe provides the most useful explanation for family violence as a social problem is the resource theory. According to Gelles, “The resource theory of family violence assumes that all society systems (including the family) rest to some degree on force or the threat of force. The more resources – social, personal, and economic – a person can command, the more force he or she can muster” (Gelles, p.307) But later on the paragraph Gelles began to reference to William Goode (1971) where when a person has more resources the less likely force will be used as a solution. For example, when a guy who does not have a high position at work and is always looked down upon, he might take his frustration at home where he can be more dominant and feel more powerful as a man. Men usually need to feel like they have control over something in their life. IF it’s not at their job, it’s at home. It gives them a sense of security of their…show more content…
Of the 36 victims 10 of them are from Queens, NY where I live. 70 % of these cases had no known prior police contact, 97 % of these cases had no current order of protection. In the year 2007, 48 victims in New York City were killed in the result of family violence. Of the 48 victims, 14 of them are from Queens, NY. 77 % of these cases had no known prior police contact, 96 % of these cases had no current order of protection. In 2007, police responded to 229,354 domstic violence incidents, which averages over 600 incidents per day. In addition, NYPD’s Domestic Violence unit conducted 76,602 home visits in 2007, that is an increase of 98% since 2002. As of June 2008, the city’s Domestic Violence Hotline advocates answered 62,748 calls in 2008; 123,409 calls were answered in 2007, which is an average of 338 calls per day. (provided by

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