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Gelato Heaqlthier Than Ice Cream Essay

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  • on December 3, 2013
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Gelato Healthier than Ice-cream  
When people think of a frozen dessert, the first thing that comes to mind is ice-cream. We all eat it, even though we are told it is not healthy for us and after doing so we are left with the horrible feeling of guilt. Fortunately, there is gelato, a healthier alternative to ice-cream. Gelato is the Italian interpretation of ice-cream. It is denser and softer than its American cousin, but is every bit as sweet.
While working in a gelato parlor for two years, I participated in the process of making gelato on a daily basis. It consists of fresh fruits, heavy whipping cream, organic whole milk, and in some flavors egg yolks. Not all of the ingredients are locally provided, such as Sicilian pistachios, hazelnuts, espresso, and Marsala wine. They are imported from Italy providing the authentic gelato experience.
The organic whole milk is used as the base of the gelato making it fifty percent less in fat. Whereas the typical ice-cream has a fat content ranging from fourteen to twenty-five percent, gelato averages between five to nine percent butterfat, a significant difference. What about calories when it comes to gelato and ice-cream? Which one is lower? The average half-cup serving of gelato has between sixty to one-hundred-and-fifty where as full-fat ice cream usually starts at around two hundred calories and can go much higher depending on the ingredients.

Even though gelato is healthier it does not sacrifice its decadent flavor. The reason gelato retains its rich, creamy taste with a lower fat content is because less air is whipped into the final product. The gelato machine has a built in compressor and churns the gelato at a slower speed than ice -cream preventing unnecessary air pockets to form. Therefore, the gelato becomes denser and more flavorful, as opposed to American ice-cream that is churned very fast, in effect doubling the volume with air. Since there's not as much fat in gelato, it doesn't coat the mouth in the...

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