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Memoirs of a Geisha Arthur Golden’s novel Memoirs of a Geisha takes readers into an intriguing and erotic insight into the world of Japanese’s geishas. It was published by an American man from Chattanooga,Tennessee in 1997. Golden studied at the University of Harvard, where he received a degree in art history. He later studied at Columbia University an obtained a MA in Japanese history. Golden later travel to tokoyo for work, while working abroad Arthur met Mineko Iwasaki, a retired geisha who had several interviews with Golden. “Memoirs of a Geisha” was Arthur Golden’s first novel. Golden spent more than ten years writing the novel. Golden accredited its success to using first- person account to tell the story. Though the novel was told by a man it was based on Mineko Iwasaki story. In 2005 Rob Marshall adapted and directed the novel into a movie version. There is much debut weather a movie can be as good as a novel. Films have to compress a lot of information in a short time frame, where reading the novel can take weeks. Another issue is getting the reader to let go of the movie they have already created in their mind. A director also has the hard task of creating the right emotions, gestures, and description that both the reader and people who haven’t read the novel. In this paper, comparison of the novel to movie, characters and characterization, plot, setting of place, and the controversy they both envoked. In the novel version of Memoirs of a Geisha there is one main character Sayuri. The novel is told in the voice of the older Sayuri. However, in the film Sayuri and Hatsumomo are both the main characters. Even though both Sayuri and Hatsumomo are both geisha they could not be more different from one another. In both the novel and the movie Suyari’s and Hatsumomo characters are potrayed

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