Geek Love Alternate Ending

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Geek love was a very interesting novel. The narrator of the story, Olympia, or Oly as they call her, tells the story of her life as an albino hunchback dwarf living with her family as they travel the world as their own circus. I wouldn’t have read it on my own accord but, that put aside it was a very unique, out of the ordinary, puzzling piece of literature. One thing that I would change about the story geek love would be the ending. At the end of the book Oly kills Ms. Lick and then turns around and kills herself because she couldn’t deal with life on life’s terms. Not to mention the fact that she was keeping this huge secret away from her estranged daughter who doesn’t even know Oly is her mother. In my opinion the ending would have been better if it were written something like this…… Olympia is in the locker room and she’s already shot Ms. Lick but before the vapors have a chance to reach her and before she pulls the trigger on herself, she gets a sudden burst of courage thinking about all the times growing up when she took the easy way out and decides to tell Miranda the truth if it’s the last thing she does and she wants to tell her from her own mouth. She hurries and escapes the locker room and off the fire escape has a hard time because of her hunched back but she makes it all the way back to the apartment where she gets rid of the gun by throwing it into the garbage disposal outside her house. Oly goes back into her apartment and wraps herself up in a blanket, she spews some crumpled up Kleenex on the floor and night stand by her bed to give the impression that she’s been sick and in bed all day for when the police come to question her. The authorities arrive with their questioning and Oly says that she hasn’t spoken to Ms Lick because she’s been sick and in bed for days. They take their notes but they are not suspicious at all. looking at Oly’s posture

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