Geech Discrimination Cases

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I am black but specifically my great grandfather was what some may call “Geechy”. Geechy people are of West African decent. The geechy people colonized to the United States. Unfortunately this ethnic group faced a combination of segregation, racism, and prejudice, still even to this day. Part of the problem was that geechy people speak a language called Gullah, which in some cases can also be considered Creole, which is a combination of French and Spanish. When speaking Gullah the language is meant to be spoke with a fast tongue which led some people to believe that the geechy people were uneducated even though that was not the case. Some felt like the colonization was a means to an end for the growth of the black problem that the south was facing. This ethnic group fell victim to many different forms of discrimination. Dual labor market was a form of discrimination this group endured because in most cases it was assumed that they would be…show more content…
Mainly African American men suffer with such cases as the right to vote when considered a convicted felon. I think the glass escalator effect would prove to be a consideration for men in such positions as child care, teaching, and even parenting in some cases. In these positions a woman is assumedly more able to handle these positions as opposed to a man, and in many cases the profession is dominated by women. Glass ceiling is a suffrage by the males and females of this ethnic group based on the fact that a woman may not move up based on the fact she is a woman. Take for instance the presidency of the United States of America. A significant part of the American population feels like a woman can be in that position based on the fact that we make decision based on emotion, yet this makes us more than qualified to become a child care provider, or the primary care giver to our children in some
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