Gear Accountability Essay

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Gear accountability, or rather the lack thereof, has been an issue in the military for quite some time. Complacency, stress, and the general lack of caring tend to be some of the biggest culprits to this problem. Complacency is a major issue stemming from Marines and Sailors feeling too comfortable during their job, thereby ignoring typical safety guidelines for speed and efficiency. Due to the high stress from attempting to balance work and home, Marines and Sailors tend to get distracted from focusing on work, again, causing complacency. Every squad leader should know at least some of what is going on with each member and be able to determine what is causing them to be complacent and causing the lack of concern. Some pieces of gear might seem redundant to carry, such as canteens and a camelback, but it is important to have accountability for all gear. The mission comes to a screeching halt when gear goes missing. Hours could be wasted looking for lost gear. Any time lost on deployment can mean a life. Any time lost in garrison detracts from training, and any training time lost could mean a loss of a life. A person missing gear also cannot complete certain jobs, such as a person without an entrenching tool cannot dig entrenchments. Any lost gear must be replaced. More expensive gear is serialized and can result in a Non-Judicial Punishment if lost, due to the gear potentially causing a safety hazard for others or aid an enemy soldier. Any gear can also be used in an Improvised Explosive Device, such as a filled canteen can be sitting on a pressure release trigger. These are only some of the reasons Marines and Sailors should maintain gear accountability. Marines and Sailors that have gotten complacent and leave their gear around give the chance for other Marines and Sailors to challenge their core values. A high value piece of gear that has gone missing is an

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