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THE LAST LESSON 1. Value Points i. Better understanding of the subject matter. ii. Better expression. iii. Easy references / allusions. iv. Related to culture and way of living. v. Everyone should feel proud of one‟s mother tongue. 2. Value Points i. Country‟s youth value – starved-facing a total crisis. ii. Violence, separations and inter & intra group conflicts, political apathy reigning order of the day. iii. Secured freedom but not utilized freedom in its true perspective. iv. Need for good leadership and governance. 3. Value Points i. Increased interest of students to come to school. ii. Not scared of teachers. iii. Truancy has fallen. iv. Confidence in expressing their view points. 4. Value Points: i. More aware of value of educating kids. ii. Constitutionally bound. iii. No fees- Free and compulsory education is encouraging. iv. Various schemes: free books, uniform, mid day meal etc. 5. Value Points: i. Helps in maintaining discipline and healthy environment. ii. Inculcating the social values. iii. Spreading awareness – controlling diseases, education social evils etc. iv. Immediate Solutions – Role of V.K.S. and P.T.A. 6. Value Points: i. No; Violence is no solution. ii. Disturbs peace: internal & external. iii. Hampers development. iv. Snatches identity. 7. Value Points: i. Helps in evading distractions. ii. Provides focus to life‟s aim. iii. Strength of character. iv. Nurturing the will to resist by guidance and counselling. 8. Value Points: i. Friend, philosopher and guide. ii. Strength of character. iii. Motivates. iv. Model behavior. v. Use of modern- technology in education. LOST SPRING 1. i) Each one Teach one. ii) Spreading awareness. iii) Motivating

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