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Alex Benn's 'Dont get me started' Strolling down that desolate road on a mid-november's morning. The golden leaves drift down to be engulfed by the psychedelic mists. Many would consider this setting a peaceful retreat, an escape from the reality of everyday life. Unfortunately, i simply cannot share this same enthusiasm,due to the fact that this picturesque walk holds a dark, sombre truth right as you so dare walk around that corner. Now the loud chugs and splutters of all types of pollutants are yours to endure, as you will now wait at the side of the road for at least half an hour to embrace possibly the most dreary spectacle known to man-kind... the approaching bus. This in one way or another neaty brings us to the chosen topic i have selected. The topic in question, if it hasn't already been made apparent is public transport, or more specifically in my case the bus. The following paragraphs should be a good indicator to all that you should never, ever... get me started on public transport. Right, well, where to begin? Well i may as well start in chronological order to keep in essence the plight or rather ride of hatred that i have accumulated over the fifteen years that i have been around. To do this, i must go back to my first ever experience on a bus. Sadly my only memory i can recall is the stomach-turning stench of the seats and my mum telling me to stay close, out of the way of that funny looking man in the high-vis jacket. Other than that i cannot remember any other experience at a young age.This short description may not be much in terms of ground-breaking analysis to why my dislike for buses exists, but it is certainly a benchmark. Fast forward seven or eight years and this is now the time frame in which i have spent most time on good old, reliable public transport. Public transport is a truly great idea. It's cheap, it's handy, it's safe, it's

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