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CASE EXAMPLE B Legal Issues: The prominent legal issue here lies with Chuck and his anger issues at his place of employment which just so happens to be at XYZ Counseling Agency. It is hard to imagine how someone can seek help at a counseling center for anger either voluntarily or by court order when the counselor has anger issues themselves. As anger issues can be particularly serious, I see it as being impossible for anyone seeking help from a counselor suffering from the same issues. It is not constructive for any employer to have employees who cannot perform the required duties of their job. This behavior by an employee can cause the agency to be held liable for any damages/lawsuits that may arise from such an employee’s actions. Ultimately since the agency has a non-violence policy, it has the legal right to terminate anyone who violates that policy. Plaintiff's Arguments: I have brought this claim against XYZ Counseling Agency because I have been unlawfully terminated due to a miscommunication and a misinterpreted situation. Mr. Wilbur was a client that I was assigned to assist. In the process of the counseling session, I asked Mr. Wilbur what the reason was that he was seeking assistance. He explained that his presence was court ordered and that he did not have an anger issue. At this time the court should know Mr. Wilbur was arrested for domestic violence and was ordered by the judge to attend anger management counseling. Although I have had my own anger issues and was previously let go from an agency for an altercation with a client. Since my termination from that position over five years ago, I have taken anger management classes and have been able to change my perspective of things. I believe that it was because of this unfortunate event that I have been terminated and I am here to ask for monetary compensation. Defendant's Arguments:

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