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GBL 395 Essay Question Buffalo Creek Disaster #1 Write a synopsis of “The Buffalo Creek Disaster” book According to “The Buffalo Creek Disaster” is talked about the terrible disaster that happened in The 17 mile Valley in West Virginia. This is a true story about how two companies that called “The Buffalo Mining Company and The Pittston Company”. Those two companies are causing the most devastating coal mining disaster in history. Moreover, The Pittston Company was lack of manage ability for its firm so Buffalo Mining Company was bought it. The Buffalo Creek Flood killed many people in the February of 1972. After the flood, Pittston not only didn’t admit the responsibility, but also claimed it as a natural disaster, called it “an act of god,” and later on claimed and blamed that the Buffalo Mining Company was a separate division altogether and that Pittston couldn’t be responsible for its actions. Furthermore, since Pittston rushed to settle the survivors with only 4000 dollars for the survivors from the flood, the survivors are angry with that. So it triggered the survivors to look for a law firm that is Arnold & Porter, and to represent them and seek for justice. After the flood, many people lose everything, and they had no choice but to accept these offers because they couldn’t wait until the lawsuit to follow through, not even guarantee that they will be compensated or win lawsuits. Arnold and Porter had a very intense dispute and negotiation progress with Pittston. That means while when Gerald M. Stern, who’s not only the author but also the one who won the case for the Buffalo creek disaster, just settled the lawsuit for the voting right for African American, found that this case really interesting and decided to take over. Stern found out every possibilities and evidences to prove Pittston was irresponsible for their actions, and pointing out the
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