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GESCHICHTE UND KULTURGESCHICHTE GROSSBRITANNIEN BRITISH CULTURAL STUDIES/BRITISH CIVILIZATION STUDIES Dr. Wolfgang Petschan April 2008 CULTURAL STUDIES AS AN ACADEMIC SUBJECT 1 Main aim of (British)Cultural Studies: the study of society (in Britain) 2 Cultural Studies seeks to borrow (and occasionally to combine) methods of study and strategies from traditional disciplines, but claims to be a discipline in its own right 3 Culture - four broad definitions: A culture as developed state of mind e. g. a cultured (civilized) person B culture as the process of this development e. g. cultural activities; cultural interests C culture as the means of this process e. g. arts and all human intellectual work D (sociologically) the whole way of life of a distinct people or other social groups or society (civilization) as a whole (Raymond Williams: CULTURE) 1 Two main types of the sociological study of culture A the informing spirit of a whole way of life e. g. language, styles of art, kinds of intellectual work: socio-cultural activities B a whole social order within which a specifiable culture evolves 2 Cultural Studies, then, seeks to combine all elements of the study of culture but prime emphasis is laid on the study of society as a whole even though the focus sometimes is on single issues. 3 Cultural Studies treats culture as a democratising social phenomenon: culture is not supposed to be an excluding element in Cultural Studies 4 Cultural Studies’ methodology and literature 5 British Cultural Studies and the Birmingham Centre for Cultural Studies Cultural Studies in America and the study of popular culture Cultural Studies in Australia and the more sociological and ideological approach 6 Perspectives of Cultural Studies – ‘schools’ of the study of social cultures 7 Cultural

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