Gb 570 Unit 2 Assignment Competitive Advantage and the Value Chain Essay

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GB 570 Unit 2 Assignment Competitive Advantage and the Value Chain Click Link Below To Buy: The purpose of this Assignment is to confirm your understanding of the direct correlation between an effective value chain and a firm’s competitive advantage by examining the relationship between customer delight, profitability, competitive advantage, and effective value chain management. Directions 1. Use the APA formatted Microsoft® Word® document template in Doc Sharing titled “Unit 2 Assignment Template Competitive Advantage” as the starting point. Download the template and save it as your own document, for example, YourNameUnit2GB570.docx. 2. Write a 4–6 pages paper, not including title and reference pages, making a compelling argument as to why an effective value chain creates competitive advantage. 3. Write your paper using third person perspective (do not use first or second person pronouns; (e.g. “I”, “me”, “you”, “we”). 4. In your paper, you will examine the concepts and interrelationships of customer delight, profitability , competitive a dvantage, and effective value chain management by following the directions included within the Unit 2 Assignment template. Included within this examination: 1. Discuss each of the four elements. 2. Examine the interrelationship between the four elements. 3. Provide two examples of companies that have been successful in this integration, two examples of companies that have not been successful in this integration, and include explanations for your choices. 5. Include a conclusion summarizing the paper’s content without introducing any new information. 6. Support your response’s content with at least three separate applied and cited references. Accepted sources are: Kaplan Library article(s), your textbook and the chosen example
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