Gays In The Military

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Gays Joining The Military Many People believe that gays, (meaning men and women) are not capable of serving in the military forces. This is based on what military friends of mine say or believe, though, that does not mean that the personal values of many people do not reach the same conclusion. In terms of military necessity, it is essential for gays and lesbians to be excluded from military units to maintain the units to stick together, (sleep under same roof). Some military persons believe that combat performance would also decline if gays were permitted to serve in the armed forces of the country. Some also view the gay soldiers to be perverts in uniform, and that they should not have the honor of serving the country even if they are able to do all of what is required of them. Being a person against it myself does not mean that I do not personally like gays. I believe that gay’s are equal and are just the same as you and me, however, I also believe that allowing gay’s to join the United States Military would bring things to happen inside of our military bases that shouldn’t happen. I have talked to many of my friends whom are in the U.S Marine Corps, and of course, they are against it. If gays are allowed to join the military, they will be rooming with other men whom most likely are not gay. Those men do not want a gay man sharing a bunk bed, shower, and toilet with them. I can only imagine the kind of cruel and hurtful things the gays would have to go through, and be tormented by their fellow “brothers”. Although, being in America gives everyone the rights to be equal, when it comes to the military your rights as a person change. Yes, it is their right to join, and yes, it is their right to be gay, but is it right to make the other thousands of men and women in the United States Military feel uncomfortable in their own surrounding where they are bound to
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