Gay Rights Changes In America

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Research Paper Professor Isaac Topic: The Progression of Gay Rights Sub-Topic: Why have gay rights changed so drastically in America as oppose to other countries: Reason behind the facts. S. Swaby Gay rights have changed drastically in America over the decades and we can see these changes in the military, the constitution, some churches, TV and in the media and also in presidential elections. Gays have expressed their needs for equal rights and treatment, and they have fought and are still fighting for that right, and because of their never ending fight we have seen where our society has been as I would say listening to reason by giving gays the rights they desire. With that said America has been granting gays certain rights, rights…show more content…
The main issue here is not that America lacks the presence of religion the problem is that the US separates religious views from the state and therefore they make laws based on ethics and what is deemed right by society and not what any particular religious teaching deemed as right, if America attempts to make their laws based on religious laws then in order to eliminate bias and chaos they would have to include the laws of every religion and every sub-sections of each religion in the country and we can see how difficult that could be for law makers. On the other hand, law makers in the three religious countries that I mentioned they do not have that problem since there is only one dominating religion and the majority of the citizens are a part of or in agreement with the laws and teachings of that religion. And with that said whenever religion is the corner stone of a country it is most likely that gay rights will be frowned upon and will definitely have no room…show more content…
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