Gay Rights Essay

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A question that has been a major debate and had a great impact on our last election is: Should gay marriage be legalized? Marriage, traditionally defined as a legal and religious commitment of man and woman as well as the biggest expression of love. However, some fall for the same sex. There is much debate on this issue and both sides have a lot to back their point of view up. Those against gay marriage mostly base their opinions on facts from the bible, while those for gay marriage base most of their opinions on the fact that this country is a free country. Therefore, some feel it is a choice of their own to choose who to marry regardless of what sex they are. Before basing an opinion it is a good idea to look at both sides of the issue. There are many good reasons again gay marriage. For example, many religions view homosexuality a sin. Almost every religion in this world consider homosexuality unacceptable. The United States has many laws that derived from the Bible, therefore we should not allow anyone to go against that as we would not allow anyone to break the law. Some also feel that gay marriage would further weaken traditional family values of our society today, which have already gone downhill in the past years. Your family is always there for you and the falling apart of families recently has hurt our values and morals. Also, if legalizing gay marriage could lead to even lead to worse things like having multiple wives or even marrying an object as crazy as that may sound. Lastly, gay lifestyle is not something to be encouraged, because it shows to lead to problems such as psychological disorders and lower life expectancy. On the other hand, there are many reason for allowing gay marriage also. The main reason is denying them is a violation of religious freedom, which is stated in the First Amendment of the United States. Also,

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