Gay Marriages Essay

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Gay Marriage Carlethia Gordon SOC 120 Instructor: Barbara Carter February 6, 2012 Gay marriage is a hot topic that is being talked about by everyone. Gay marriage is an ethical issue that does not seem to become solved. No matter how wrong we may think it is to be the same sex and become married we should still treat each other the same. Gay marriage is an ethical issue because most people are against same sex marriage. Some issues of gay marriage are no procreation, health hazard, gay marriage violates sacred institution, and gay marriage has a higher risk of domestic violence. If we were to look at the ethical problems of gay marriage it would be broken down into plain discrimination. As you continue to read you will also read about some issues of gay marriage and how I think one of the three classical ethical theories will resolve gay marriage. Gay marriage is the same sex becoming as one. When the conversation of a person being gay comes up the it has a sharp rise of a conversation. Not to go too deep but its kind of like talking about black history. Gay marriage have been illegal for a longtime. I think that gay marriage do not have too many dislike as a traditional marriage. Both traditional and gay marriage have some of the same outcome. No one should be judged on their beliefs and feelings. It is said that opposite sex marriage is for procreation.(Bidstrup, Scott 2003) There is no way a gay marriage can provide procreation. This would have to be where both homosexuals adopt or if they have children from previous relationships of the opposite sex they can try and split custody of the children. Scientific evidence shows that homosexuals do a poor job in raising healthy and socialized children. (Family Research,2009) Studies also show that homosexuals do not stay married long and this is one reason why they have a poor job raising children.

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