Gay Marriage vs. Proposition Eight

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Gay Marriage vs. Proposition Eight Gay marriage has been a big topic in the U.S, but the discussion has grown more prevalent now than ever. From a subject swept under the rug, to Proposition Eight, gay marriage have been in the homes and mouths of major political figures. I chose argument spoken by Keith Olberman, because he spoke on the unanswered question to the proposed Proposition. Olbermann opened his argument by posing a question to the ones who care to agree, or care to like the Proposition. Keith Olberman disagrees with Proposition Eight, even though he is a straight male. He spoke passionately about gay marriage, and with no yelling, calmly asked, “Why do people care?” As if he was asking a question on why people dance in the rain, or posing a question on what people do behind closed doors. He was very objective on his disagreements to the proposition, bringing up a lot of great points. He was very descriptive in conveying his thoughts on the proposition. He also pointed out the flaws in heterosexual relationships, and posed the questions to why it matters to them. Flawlessly spoken, Olbermann fired back to the Proposition Eight, by challenging the Proposition’s main argument. The prop used the term “re-defining” marriage, thus raising the question of interracial couples, and the fact that slaves couldn’t marry. His rebuttal made a valid point that lead you to question the sanctity of marriage. Pointing out arranged marriages, Keith Olberman, pushed the envelope even further by questioning the love and respect that we have for one another. As Olbermann’s argument came to a close, he “de-fined” marriage, by pulling the religion card right from under Proposition Eight’s nose. He continued to press the meaning of love and the meaning of why we are alive. He questioned the religious aspects of what is considered to be wrong, to mortality for what is

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