Gay Marriage in Ireland Essay

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Prompt: Ireland legalized same-sex marriage although Catholic influence is potent in the nation. Analyze the general reactions toward the legalization in Ireland and examine how the legislation is a major step for global equality. Celebration sounded throughout Ireland on Saturday as the results of the same-sex marriage referendum were announced at a Dublin Castle press conference. The votes were tallied at 1,201,607 in favor of gay marriage and 734,300 against it; sixty-one percent of the voters support the cause. Ireland is now one of the twenty-one countries that legalized gay marriage, and the first nation to legalize it by popular vote. Unlike the time before 1993 when homosexuality was a sin, the legalization of same-sex marriage in Ireland engendered various reactions from the people and the Catholic church. Ireland’s historic achievement could be one of many that will come as the world strives to reach equality for all. Ireland took one of its earliest steps toward equality in 1993, when it decriminalized same-sex marriage; however, the fight began decades prior to the 1990s. The root of the anti-gay beliefs in Ireland are in the Victorian era, with the establishment of 1861 Offenses Against the Persons Act. The act deemed homosexuality and other types of “buggery” a punishable offense. It would be at least a century until the first remarkable gay rights movement, led by David Norris in the 1970s, occurred. The campaign was organized to fight for the decriminalization of homosexuality in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Norris, who was an English professor at Trinity College Dublin, set up the Dublin University Gay Society and it remains running today. In 1983, Ireland’s first Gay Pride festival was held. Homosexuals stormed Dublin in response to the unjustified, brutal killing of Declan Flynn, a gay man. This march inspired another thirty

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