Gay Marriage Essay

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The New York Court of Appeal rejected “Alison D.”, a lesbian co-parent divorced from “Virginia M.”, was denied visitation rights in the 1980’s. This is simply one of the many struggles same-sex and those divorced, face in these times. The Court says, “…she is not the child’s “parent”; that is, she is not the biological mother of the child” (Roleff 17). Family is an important aspect in almost everyone’s life. Throughout this research there has not been sufficient evidence to suggest that same-sex should be denied the right to marriage. It is stated that “…only 15% of Americans live in a traditional nuclear family, with a father providing financial support, and a mother tending to the home and child care” (Cameli 31). If society were to expand the traditional family to include the other marriages, it would promote economic stability as well as emotional stability. Employee benefits are one of the most important fights in the gay, lesbian, and bi-sexual community. If they were given domestic-partner benefits it would mean that all partners would receive all of the same benefits that traditionally married spouses receive. One of the most known phrases during this fight has been, “Equal pay for equal work” (McNaught 18). Since gay marriage is not legal in the United States they do not qualify for the spousal benefits provided by their employers. So no matter how long these couples have been together, they are denied legal protections and incentives that come with marriage. These benefits would cover everything from health club to medical and dental benefits. These are considered “hard” benefits. The “soft” benefits are implemented immediately. These are things such as bereavement and family leave, pension plans, relocation expense reimbursement, tuition, access to company facilities, discounts, health-club membership, and other benefits given to

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