Gay Marriage Essay

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Gay Marriage Should Be Legal The gay marriage issue is currently the number one social topic today. There are widely differing views on the issue of whether gay marriage should be banned or not. Some people think that marriage cannot be extended to homosexual couples simply because the very definition of marriage is a union between a man and a woman. Marriage has existed for thousands of years for one important purpose: to create and raise children in a nurturing environment. However, same-sex marriage tend to normalize homosexuality today, gay and lesbian couples are living together as traditionally married people do, even though almost everywhere in America they are legally barred from getting married. We cannot know whether gay men and lesbians belong in the marrying kind until we know what marriage is. If one asks ordinary people what marriage is, they generally just get tongue-tied. The meaning of marriage is somehow supposed to be so obvious in our culture so entrenched and ramified in daily life that it is never in need of articulation (Richard D. 57). In this essay, I will argue that gay marriage should indeed be made legal. I believe that same-sex marriage will be legal someday because gay marriage can benefit economy, children benefit from gay marriage, and everyone is equal. One reason that gay marriage be legalized is that it affect our society positively in many different aspects, economy is one of it. Gay marriages can bring financial gain to state and local governments through weddings. The city comptroller, William C. Thompson Jr., said Tuesday in a statement accompanying his report. “Legalizing marriage for same-sex couples is not only good for the couples, but also for our economy” (Peters). In current, there are many gay couple who have commit each other as their life companion, despite the fact that gay marriage is not legalize yet, they

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