Gay Marriage Essay

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The New Wave of Civil Right Struggle: Gay Marriage Cayeveoon Jones English Composition 1 Dr.Ghosh December 6,2012 Cayeveoon Jones Dr.Gosh English Compositon 1 November 29, 2012 Love is love no matter the race, religion, or gender preference. I believe that being homosexual or “gay” is a step toward full equality and civil rights in America and to allow them to be engaged as well. Experts state that if gay marriage is legalized then that would be straying away from procreation and instead adult gratification, but what about adopted children? With gay marriage being legalized it will allow an engaged homosexual couple to have a complete family, raise a child, and a happy productive life. No one, I mean no one that lives in America should be stripped of this right to be happy. Same sex households are labeled, unorthodox or unacceptable, but is depriving the citizens of this country of gay marriage beneficial in the long run? For instance, if this does not go through, it will make our country look like a discriminative type country towards a certain group. Why is American culture so unaccepting of homosexual marriages and what are the consequences of this for homosexual couples and for all of our citizens? Homosexuality, as a lifestyle has always been under great fire in our culture. As for one of these examples it shows the definition of this lifestyle isn’t focused solely on what a homosexual is, but quite how individuals feel about the way of life. In day to day living, the homosexual lifestyle is most likely not much different from the heterosexual or "straight" lifestyle. A homosexual still gets up in the morning and goes about their day rather it be school or work. They still have dinner with family or friends, participate in sports and community groups and actions. And yes, they still hold constant relationships, just like a man and women

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