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GAY MARRIAGE: UTILITARIAN OR RELATIVISM Daryle K. Martin Ashford University Erin Schouten December 17, 2012 Scenario: You are at a wedding, the priest ask, “Do you take this woman to be your …do you take this man to be your ...” They agree, the priest poses this question to the guests, are there any objections to this marriage? Prior to, you had contemplated diligently about the ethical issues and problems allowing gay marriage you asks, “If you have two men, who is the woman and vice versa”? You go on saying “isn’t marriage between a man and woman, not two of the same sex” even quoting scripture? However in attendance are friends and relatives of the people getting “married”, they vehemently object to your questions. They state, “it’s no one’s’ business if two of the same sex want to get married,” further arguing, “gay marriage is protected by the Constitutions amendment to liberty and equality and concluding that there never was and never will be a such thing as traditional marriage”. Were you wrong for objecting, were you wrong for voicing an opinion, were you wrong for quoting scripture while witnessing such a travesty or were you merely representing the masses and concluding that banning these kind of ceremonies will benefit the entire solar system? I.e. utilitarianism. Conversely, the individuals getting married, (or thinking they are) what are their rights, or privileges if any? They wonder, can’t they marry whom they want without interference, it is something they value i.e. same sex marriage. Marriage isn’t about reproduction they claim, they add, is the criteria for marriage the desire to have offspring? If that is the case five of the United States presidents were married and never had children, including George Washington, i.e. the father of our country! What this paper will do is present the consequences of “gay marriage” from a

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