Gay Marriage Essay

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Our World as We Know It Danielle Rundle PHI 200 Dr. Julie Pedersen 6/25/2012 As long as the world has been around people have always been the same. Like the old saying there’s nothing new under the sun. People might have had to adapt to different changes in climate or change the way that they do things. Yet the world and its people have always thought the same way as their grandparents, great grandparents and even as far back as ancient relatives. Homosexual relations have always been a hot topic yet never fully accepted. For as long as there have been people there has been the dispute over if being gay is right or wrong. Today we face the same questions our past relatives faced. Is homosexuality right or wrong? There is more to being gay then just sleeping with the same sex; it’s about what it does to our society. Homosexuals now want to be able to marry and adopt children. This should not be permitted because gay marriage breaks down the family unit. Having two mommies or having two daddies will hurt society in the long run. There has been many study’s on the fact that being without a mom or a dad does damage to children. In our modern era, we have seen that the social institution of marriage became not only practical, but also beneficial for women, men and children. More than three decades of social science evidence indicates that children function best with the married presence of their biological parents (Redefining Marriage, 2008). In order to have biological parents one has to be female and the other male. Without having both sexes you cannot make a baby. Having dad, mom and baby make a family. People for homosexual marriage do not see what happens to a child without a father or without a mother. There needs to be both father and mother to raise a child. There is an original purpose to marriage, however, rooted in human biology noticeable in

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