Gay Marriage Essay

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Gay Marriage in America; Why Not? At present there is a revolution going on in American society which is attempting to decide whether to acknowledge gay marriages or not. There are those who believe that gay marriage is a moral issue, not a governmental one. In the other corner are the homosexual minority who are not asking for a special right, just an equal right to marry. Gay Marriages in American Society should be allowed to have the same benefits afforded by traditional marriage. The arguments given by heterosexual society against gay marriage are surprisingly weak, and use common fallacies in reason. Also surprisingly the reasons used actually expose the hypocrisy of this majority. Most declarations against gay marriage seem to be based on two primary schools of thought; the argument of tradition, and the argument that gay marriage is ‘unatural’. The agument of tradition. This argument simplay states that because marriage has traditionally been between one man and one women then this is how it is supposed to be, forever. This is also known in Critical Thinking as the Fallacy of Genetics. “The genetic fallacy is a fallacy of irrelevance where a conclusion is suggested based solely on something or someone's origin rather than its current meaning or context. This overlooks any difference to be found in the present situation, typically transferring the positive or negative esteem from the earlier context.”- Another example of this faulty logic is found in; Attacking Faulty Reasoning by T. Edward Damer, Third Edition p. 36: “ "You're not going to wear a wedding ring, are you? Don't you know that the wedding ring originally symbolized ankle chains worn by women to prevent them from running away from their husbands? I would not have thought you would be a party to such a sexist practice." There

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