Gay Marriag Essay

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Jakoury Reynolds A contemporary issue that seems to flood the media with different opinions is gay marriage. Some people look at it as any other form of love. Others think of it as an abomination of the bible. I can’t help but disagree. Homosexuals are human too and should be granted the same rights as a heterosexual or any other person for that matter. Most people believe homosexuals don’t deserve the pleasure of marriage because it is looked down upon by Jesus Christ himself. God considers homosexuality a sin; as well as rape, murder, adultery and discrimination. If no one sin is worst than the other, shouldn’t all marriage be illegal since everyone sins on a daily basis? Wouldn’t discriminating against homosexuals be an injustice to the bible since discrimination itself is considered a sin? In reality, those who believe that gay marriage should be unlawful because of the bibles testimonials are hypocrites. The bible defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman. It also states that marriage is only valid if the bride is a virgin. (Deuteronomy 22:13-21) In 2008, the New York Times did a study to see how many women marry virgins. Out of the two thousand women surveyed only a mere twenty three percent were virgins when they were married. Which means only twenty three percent of today’s marriages are valid. If seventy seven percent of marriages are religiously invalid then the bible and religion itself shouldn’t be involved in deciding what is considered lawful marriage. Another reason a lot of people frown down upon gay marriage is because they base their opinions on politics. Our former president George W. Bush tried to ban gay marriage by adding a constitutional amendment outlawing gay marriage in all states. Although his attempt was nearly a triumph he failed in the end. Our current president Barrack Obama

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