Gay as Folk Essay

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Gays and Lesbians in American Culture Gays as Folk: Homosexuality in Relation to the Real World Queer as Folk takes place in early 2000’s which centers on the lives of three very different gay men Brian Kinney, Michael, and Justin. The series is aired for five years and comes to an end in 2005. Queer as Folk depicts several stereotypes that are directly related to homosexuality. The plot takes place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at a gay night club where the men go to hit on each other, drink, and have sex. Brian is depicted as promiscuous, self-indulgent, narcissistic homosexual man who is also seen as the dominant type in any sexual situation. Several times throughout the series Brian is high, in the club scene, or having sex; these are the stereotypes throughout history that have been upsetting for many members of the LGBTQ community although his masculinity stays intact. Throughout the years homosexuals were depicted as non-masculine; they would run around dressed in drag. Brian’s character who although depicts many stereotypes can function as a heterosexual man if he tried. He often shows great strength and can make any of his friends do what he wants because he has a huge impact on their lives. Brian also fathers a son named “Gus” who he originally was going to sign his rights off so he could be adopted. He was going to allow his son to be adopted so his “step-mother” would be able to fully be in the child’s life instead of being discriminated against due to others beliefs. Kinney then has a change of heart and chooses to be in his son’s life because every child needs their father. Michael is a thirty year old man who lives with a roommate know as Emmett. Michael and Brian are inseparable until Michael meets Ben who is a professor. Michael and Ben decide to go their separate ways when Michael finds out that Ben is HIV positive. After several attempts

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