Gay and Lesbian Marriage Should Be Legalized Essay

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Kyra Chong English H+ Mr. Price January 4th 2013 Same-sex Marriages Should Be Legalized Till death do us part: The fight for gay marriage began in 1969 (Stonewall Riots) . However, now in 2013, gays and lesbians are still fighting for their marriage rights. Opposers fear that allowing gay and lesbian marriage will change the way marriage is looked at. They don’t see that marriage is already looked at differently. Marriage went from being a sacred ritual to something two drunk strangers who met an hour ago could do. Gays and lesbians deserve the same rights that heterosexual humans have. And yet, they are not allowed to marry the person they love. Same-sex marriages should be allowed because it is a person’s right, it does not affect anyone, and it is true that love matters. Same-sex marriages should be allowed because to not allow it is a violation of human rights. The biggest reason homosexual humans are not allowed to wed is because major religions regard it as a sin. However, most countries’ laws state that a person is free to make their own religious choices. If gays and lesbians decide to have a legal marriage instead of a religious one, what is the basis for not allowing it? Also, not allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry deprives them of certain rights they should have. For example, if a gay man’s partner is severely hurt and is in a hospital, he will not be able to see him simply because he is not legally married to him. Just because it is illegal for same-sex couples to marry, many couples like the one described above are deprived of countless rights that they should have. Another example is how when his partner dies, he will not be taken care of, and if he does not have a special will, his partner’s money and land will not go to him. His partner probably would have wanted the money to go to him, so that he would have something to fall back on

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