Gay Adoption Argumentative Paper

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Gay Adoption Children are said to be 50 percent of the population and 100 percent of the future. Adoption rates are at an all-time high because people understand the importance of every child having a suitable home. The idea of rescuing a child is a noble one; so why is it any different when a gay couple wants to adopt? Gay adoption is allowed in less than half of US states, and frowned upon in most others. Americans today tend to believe that same sex couples are a bad influence on a child’s natural growth. David Hogberg, a senior fellow at the National Center for Public Policy Research, voices his opinion on why he disagrees with same sex adoption by stating that“…families will again expand beyond the traditional structure in which a family is headed by a man and a woman, to now include families being headed by two men or two women.” By this, Hogberg is implying that changes in tradition are bad. I think Hogberg is mistaken, because if that were the case, we’d have nearly none of the innovations we flourish from today. What he, and every other anti-gay-adoption antagonist fail to realize is that homosexuals are not malicious people: they have morals and ideals that can influence children in the best ways possible. Children thrive on love, attention, positivity. As long as these, as well as basic necessities and a healthy environment are provided, it seems pure insolence to me that one should be denied a child. Half a million children live in foster homes today and 100,000 are in critical need of adoption. It seems to me that these numbers could be drastically reduced if only every qualified man or woman were legally able to provide these children with homes. A child is at a disadvantage in a poverty-stricken home—not in a home with two dads or two moms. My whole life I have heard it said that when two people are very much in love, they will eventually
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