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R. NO. 27,G.D.Hostal Roopenaagrahara ,Hosur Road, Bangalore 560068Ph.No: 08123944096 Email- Akhil Jain Summary: I am seeking a quality environment where my knowledge can be shared and enriched and looking for the opportunity where I can improve my quality and skills. I am skilled in Java and C languages. I hold a B.TECH (ECE) degree, First Class from Modi Institute of Technology, Kota (Rajasthan), in 2012 Skill Profile: Languages | C, core java | Databases | Ms Access | IDE’s / Tools | MULTISIM | Operating Systems | Windows XP, Windows 7 | Educational Qualification: BTECH (ECE) | 67.98%(Modi institute of technology, Kota, 2012 ) | 10+2 | 69.54%(RBSE, 2008) | 10 | 79.50%(RBSE, 2006) | Industrial Interaction: June 11 till Aug 11 | Worked in KOTA SUPER THERMAL POWER STATION, Kota.Task Accomplish:I have learnt about generation of electricity. Basically KSTPS is a thermal plant and coal is used for electricity generation. The basic constituents are boiler, stream turbine, generator, step up transformer, switch yard. Water is heated up in the high pressure boiler which is heated up by a coal as a fuel. By that high pressure stream is generated and used for speed up the turbine. The turbine works as the prime mover for rotating the rotor of ac generator is stepped up to 220 kv through the step up transformer and sent to the power grid. That’s the power generate. | Projects Handled: Project Name | 1. AUTOMATIC ESCALATOR SYSTEM | Client | College Project | Environment | Front end: Sensors Back end: C, microcontrollerDuration: 3 month Team Size: 4 | Description | Application was related to a moving staircase conveyor transport device for carrying people between floors of a building. This project is standard design of escalator

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