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Gattaca – Additional Scene Madian Alsabti This scene comes in after Vincent and Eugene speak, “I gave you my body, but you gave your dream,” Then Eugene gives him a card, “Don’t open it till your up there”. Gives him a smirk of a smile, and this scene takes place. • Shot #1 – Anton opens the door of the car; he gets in and starts the car putting it into gear. He looks back through the back rear window. He backed from the alley way parking lot on to the street, taking off leaving a screeching noise and a smoke smelling of burnt rubber. Radio playing dramatic music. Cuts into a next shot so that the doors of Gattaca appear and two doctors with testing machines are patrolling the main doors. • Shot #2 – Vincent walks through the doors of Gattaca. A shot from behind as Vincent enters Gattaca. He approaches one of the doctors. Dr Lamar pulls out a cup. Vincent: “What is this?” Dr Lamar: “New regulations” Anton: “Ha...” The camera takes a slight angle as Vincent goes into the room, the camera moves so that the Dr.’s face is shown looking away. • Shot #3 – The lighting darken up upon the Dr. bringing Vincent into focus. Vincent not afraid revealing himself looks at the doctors’ head as the doctor is looking around the main entrance. Dr. Lamar: “I’ve never really told you about my son, have I? He had a dream of working here one day...” Vincent: “Yeah? Did he dream of getting into space...?” Dr. Lamar: “My son one of the greats, he didn’t turn out as perfect as the rest.” Vincent gives the doctor the fake sample of urine Eugene prepared for him. Dr. Lamar: “My son was expected to die, yet I’ve seen him everyday without knowing it was him.” Vincent looks directly into the doctor’s eyes as the doctor glances at him and takes an aliquot and draws the urine to place into the testing machine. The shot cuts into the car, where you see Anton’s face

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